Apple Releases ARKit for Augmented Reality Apps

When it comes to augmented reality Apple has plenty of ambition. According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, there are many different potential benefits that augmented reality can offer the community. Apple just recently introduced an IOS 11 utility which is an ARKit. The ARKit allows people to create augmented reality applications.

This tool allows the user to use an IOS device and superimpose digital objects in reality by making animations that are interactive. It is seeming that their augmented reality kit is going to be able to find potential in the virtual reality industry.

Nexus Studios, the media division has done some experiments with the augmented reality kit on an IPhone 7 and they were very successful. They are now going to introduce Inside-Out position tracking for Google’s Cardboard virtual reality headset.

It is claimed that this feature has been developed to operate at around 60 frames per second which is great compared to all of the other virtual reality headsets that have been released so far. The IPhone 7 has a monoscopic camera on the back of the phone and because of that, a stereoscopic view cannot be achieved so anything done with the kit is on a pretty basic level.

According to Apple, they believe that doing pass-through augmented reality as well as the inside out position tracking for use with virtual reality at 60 frames a second for IPhone 7’s. Pass through augmented reality is when a single camera viewpoint is shown to both eyes. The augmented reality kit can really only keep up and do a good job at the same time if the user walks at a slow pace.

The frames per second offered by this kit are not enough for the user to quickly move their head either. This tool has some very obvious potential to solve real life problems in the future as well as other interesting opportunities like AR Porn 😉

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