Experience a New AR Porn Adventure with Virtual Sex World

Naughty America has taken the virtual reality world by storm with the launch of VirtualSex.world, a new platform that features 3D animated sex characters that can be experienced in both virtual and augmented reality modes. Unlike their previous platform, RealGirlsNow, VirtualSex.world features CGI characters instead of real pornstars, offering a wider range of options for users.

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Augmented Reality Trials Demo by Dragon972 now on Android

Dragon972, an Indie mobile game developer, has released a new video for their new AR porn game with a download link for users. The app is called Augmented Reality Trials and is supported by Android only as of this time. The game allows individuals to experience augmented reality sex with different characters from users’ favorite games. Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 6 and 2B from Nier Automata are two of the available characters.

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Who’s Standing Behind Magic Leap’s AR Tech?

While there aren’t too many who would consider investing in Magic Leap, an AR business, due to recent press regarding lawsuits and whatnot, but Saudi Arabia seems to be pretty optimistic about the company and their ability.

The Florida-based company hasn’t had any trouble attracting funding but the majority of this funding comes from two huge state-owned investment funds. Unlike in the past where Silicon Valley giants and VC’s were providing that funding. Saudi Arabia has invested $400m but naturally we suspect if there is another purpose for this investment, rather than as a business investment.

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The Ongoing Evolution & Quest for Identity of Augmented Reality Porn

t’s still complicated, but the porn industry is setting itself up to capitalize on the augmented reality revolution.

Rewind to CES of 2015, when Naughty America released their debut of VR porn. It was the beginning of a technology shift for the pornography producer and innovator, reminiscent of the days when porn was a major driver for the entertainment/tech industry. It still is of course, as the numbers tend to back up the importance of porn to the virtual reality industry. VR porn was an early adopter of virtual reality tech, meaning Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were tied in closely to Naughty America’s plan for pornographic dominance.

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Can a AR App Bring Your Favorite Stars into Your Living Room?

Remember the famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction? John Travolta and Uma Thurman twisting to “You Never Can Tell” sung by Chuck Berry certainly brings back nostalgic memories for some, myself included.

Well there’s good news, as very soon we’ll be able to take our favorite two-dimensional movies and project images from them into the three-dimensional space around us. Or Fleisher and Shirin Anlen have developed an augmented reality app called Volume, that’s capable of doing just that.

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Could we have Snapchat filters in the Bedroom?

If you have used Snapchat before then you know about the many different filters it currently offers that lets users have fun with their images. Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go both use the technological interface of augmented reality (AR).  It’s only a matter of time before this technology lends a hand in the bedroom for the sex lives of many and becomes a normal part of daily life for others.

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Augmented Reality Gathering Steam: Good News for AR Porn

Apple pushes manufacturer to produce lenses for augmented reality smart glasses, giving real credence to the AR expansion.

According to a report from Bloomberg News, Apple owned manufacturer Quanta has secured a contract to begin production of it’s highly sought-after lens technology for AR smart glasses. This is exciting news for AR and technology buffs alike, because it could be a signal that Apple may be paving the way for new wearable augmented reality tech to hit the market next year.

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