Innovative New App Hybri is Making Digital Partners Accessible

If you have been a fan or follower of VR/AR for any length of time then you have likely already envisioned creating a virtual companion that looked exactly the way you wanted. Not just choosing from the available pre-modeled companions. So, envision that this character you have personally created also has artificial intelligence. All you have to do to initiate interaction with your character is use your tablet or smartphone.


Hybri is a brand new mixed reality experience that every VR enthusiast is going to enjoy. From a mobile device, a user can finally create and design the world they have always imagined. Richard Donczi, the president of Hybri said that the top priority when making the Hybri was to make it able to run on smartphones. This way it’s available to everyone and not just users who own AR hardware. This is because AR glasses are still pricey, so not everyone has access to them. They have made this possible using the MagiMask with the forward-facing camera on apple and android devices.

Therefore, the target audience for Hybri, according to the company, is any person that has a smartphone. The slogan for Hybri is “The world is yours” and that’s because the app can be used however the user wants.

Who Is This App For?

“If you are over 18, adult content will be available in Hybri. Choose from 52 sexual poses and animations to please yourself and your model. Models think and have emotions, so think about what …

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Naughty America Offers Exclusive Interactive Sex Show in 3D

There is no denying the abundance of innovation that Naughty America has displayed when it comes to pornography technology. Naughty America was the first ever adult content website to release 4K ultra-hd videos. They were also among the first to shoot videos in virtual reality and last year they became the first website to offer patrons augmented reality adult content. Naughty America is now announcing their launch of a 3D sex show, an experience unlike anything the adult content industry has seen so far.

The sex shows will be watchable on computers, smartphones, and even virtual reality headsets. The experience will be a lot more immersive with a virtual reality headset than with a computer or smartphone but it will surely be enjoyable all the same. You can even change the experience to fit your preferences. For example, if you like brunettes then you can choose your experience to include a brunette model.

There are so many different options to choose from to customize your 3D sex experience. Several different models are available and you can choose from a few different softcore solo girl scenes or some hardcore scenes. All of the sex scenes are digital. Some look as though they have been rendered totally from scratch and some look to be augmented reality holograms of real life models. There’s a little bit of something for everyone’s different tastes.

a naughty america 3d stripper

“This is a unique way to see your favorite positions/girls in a way you never have before with control …

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VR Bangers and AR Conk Release Android AR XXX App

The adult entertainment industry and virtual reality are no strangers to fans but augmented reality has been gradually making an entrance into the industry as well. Just a year ago it was announced that ARConk was developing an AR porn app. Now, they collaborated with VRBangers, a top virtual reality porn site to deliver a XXX app users have long-been a-waiting. Many have been watching the industry closely but I don’t think anyone could have guessed that it would have happened this soon.

VRBangers is the first 6K porn site offering virtual reality porn. Now they have partnered up with ARConk, the first porn site offering augmented reality porn. Their collaboration has resulted in a $4.95 app that lets you enjoy adult entertainment right from your phone, tablet or headset.

With the app is in its early release stages, you can’t expect top-notch stuff here, but you can definitely get an idea of where it is headed! The ARConk app is powered by body-scanning technology and displays a CGI-rendered model, right on your screen, whom was previously scanned.

ar conk body scan

Since the first mention of the ARConk app developments for improvements and new moves and positions has been in the works. In addition, the app already includes some new features like many erotic poses and missionary sex.

Right now there are more than 5 sexual positions that were created with 4D volumetric technology. This is how the viewer is able to enjoy a very realistic and life-like model on their screen.…

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Try Naughty America’s New iPhone and Android AR Demo for Free

ar model

Naughty America, a leading Los Angles-based porn studio, has released a new animated adult AR demo that is compatible with iPhone and Android. There is no app required and, with iPadOS, iOS 13, ARKit 3 and
Android, you can take advantage of the devices hardware, to bring a virtual, big booty babe into your world.  You can change her size, get close, or rotate her body to whatever angle you prefer. The demo is only 15 seconds long but has some impressive replayability to it.

Try the demo in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit this page on your mobile device (Use Safari browser with Apple)
  2. Click on the AR Icon in the corner of the animation
  3. Move your device around to detect the floor and surrounding objects
  4. Sit back and enjoy the entertainment!

Apple and Google has policies in place that prohibits the distribution of adult content in their app stores, so it is a huge win for the mass adoption of AR Porn to have this demo work natively running an animated USDZ file. Naughty America says they may eventually also produce content for AR headsets, like Apple’s Rumored AR Glasses. For now, we can at least get a small taste of what the future holds. …

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3D Hologroup Inc. releases support for Android for 3DHoloGirlfriend app

3D Hologroup Inc. has released a version of its Augmented Reality app 3DHoloGirlfriend for Android.  This version of the app allows the user to point their camera at a location in front of them and click a spot where they want their girlfriend to appear.  The girl then appears as a hologram in the user’s environment and the user can interact with their girlfriend using the same patent-pending Artificial Intelligence voice-interaction framework that has been developed for AR headsets such as the Hololens and the Meta2.

There is a PG-rated version of the Android app available on the Google Play store and a more adult-oriented version of the Android app is available on the company’s website.  “As we continue to monitor the AR landscape, we have realized not a lot of people have purchased an AR headset yet in the consumer space.  So, let’s bring our app to the device the users do have, their smartphone, while we wait for the consumer AR headset to take shape.  This will allow us to capture a wider userbase, garner valuable user insight and feedback and allow us to push forward with cool new features as well as continue to build out the Artificial Intelligence model.  Our AI model continues to grow with every conversation.”  says Greg Partin, CEO of 3D Hologroup, Inc.  “We have also always intended to reach a broader audience with a more PG-rated version of our 3DHologirlfriend app and so all of these combinations allow us to host in …

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Naughty America releases new version of their AR/VR Hologram App

Naughty America has released new consumer ready versions of their proprietary hologram software compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Andriod Devices. The company says they will work on an iOS version later.

ar struooers from naughty ameica

Paid members of their site now have access to over 50 animations of strippers, including some a with a pole, to bring a virtual strip club to wherever you are. There are lots of different models and positions you can download depending on your taste.

hologram stripper in living room

The app uses volumetric video with plane detection and models can be rotated and size adjusted to a your personal preference. You can use a mobile device or tablet similar to the way Pokémon Go works. With a VR Headset you can also take it a step further and bring life sized strippers to the real world or a black background.

Male hologram stripper dance

In a recent interview on VentureBeat, Andreas Hronopoulos, CEO of Naughty America, said “Until now, we’ve been making 3D videos, now you will see an actual VR product in parallel to our AR products. If you have a VR headset, you will be able to be in VR and watch our content, bringing our strippers into the room with you or watch them in the club. It’s about how you bring Vegas to wherever you are.”

naughty america hologram porn
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The History of AR Porn

By Scott Camball

AR Porn has been in development since 2010, even though most people haven’t realized it yet.  It has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. Long before Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap , there were a few demos out. They were the start of AR porn’s history.

The first PC Webcam AR Porn

The first AR Porn on the scene was Pink Visual with their webcam AR Porn that they debuted at the CES trade show in January 2010. Pink Visual used webcams with Adobe Flash to recognize the marker and display porn around the user when they see themselves in the screen.

“The web camera takes in the room, then puts a porn star or stripper in the scene,” Pink Visual producer Matt Morningwood said while demonstrating the augmented reality for AFP.

It was definitely a novelty, but very exciting at the time when compared to other technology like 3D Television. They had big plans, but sadly, nothing much came of it.

The Beginning of CGI Animation AR Porn

Later in 2010, some people continued to release a couple more demos that resembled what we see today.

A project called XXL Girl was developed by EligoVision for the 13th anniversary issue of a popular Russian men’s magazine at the time, and it was called XXL. The magazine contained a flyer with a marker on one side, and an ad and instructions for readers on the other side. When the users looked at the flyer in a …

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More About AR Porn

woman with microsoft hololens

The day of being able to have sex with a hologram of your favorite porn star is fast approaching with how quickly technology is advancing. The benefits of augmented reality porn, if successful, can by far outweigh the benefits of virtual reality porn.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Porn

woman with google glassAugmented reality porn is going to be more versatile than regular virtual reality porn. With virtual reality headsets you are grounded to a single place and must keep up with where the model in the video goes whereas with augmented reality you have more freedom and do not have to stay in one place. With augmented reality pornography, it isn’t like watching a video that is happening right in front you but rather it is really happening in your world. You are able to be completely aware of what is going on around you and the only difference is that you can place a smoking hot porn star in the room with you and only you see her. This technology will open endless possibilities for the adult entertainment industry. Augmented reality technology will be able to fully make use of the user’s environment and satisfy them in unimaginable ways.

No Hands
This headset allows for hands free action so that you can get the most out of your interactive experience. Although you do not have to use your hands to interact with the hologram or enjoy the augmented reality porn alone it does make the experience all the much better.

Brings the Fantasy to Your World
augmented reality maleAugmented reality is different from virtual reality because instead of transporting you to a whole new virtual world to experience and play out your fantasies, it brings the fantasy directly to your world by layering images so that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own house. Your surroundings stay the same meaning there are less hazards such as that of tripping on furniture and other risks like those that come with using virtual reality instead. With virtual reality you move around not knowing what is happening all around you. You can still interact with the world when using an augmented reality headset while also watching all of your fantasies play out and unfold right before you. This will also reduce some of the negative side effects of VR like motion sickness.

Watching is Easier
Watching augmented reality pornography is easier because, as said above, your surroundings do not change. You can appreciate your favorite porn star from your very own bed. With augmented reality your favorite porn star can appear right on your own bed just waiting to fulfill your desires which cannot be done with virtual reality. The best thing about augmented reality is that you are not confined to one area like with virtual reality. You can leave your home and fill the world around you with sexually charged holographs and pictures that only you can see. A business known as Pink Visual has even played with this idea quite a bit although it was with smartphone technology.

Differences Between VR and AR Porn

Augmented and virtual reality are the newest things to hit the technology scene and they seem to be quickly pairing up with the adult entertainment industry. These technologies are state of the art and are both also completely different from one another. It is possible that this will cause a divide between the two. The purpose of this article is to distinguish the differences between the two to allow people to decide on which one is better than the other, augmented reality or virtual reality.

Virtual Reality
girl masturbates to vr pornThe first question is what exactly is virtual reality pornography? The biggest thing about this type of adult entertainment is that everything happens right in front of the user and instead of just observing, the user gets to actively participate in what they are seeing.

All the person has to do is put a virtual reality headset on and they are transported to a whole new world where all of their wildest dreams about sexual encounters can come alive before them. This technology brings fantasy to life and shows the user exactly what they are wanting to see.

While virtual reality sex does not beat the real life thing, there are some people that will likely say it comes close. Virtual reality is not meant to replace reality but simply supplement a person’s sex life and allow for them to fulfill their sexual needs and desires. This gadget is very high end and perfect for those without a significant other to spend time with and who are tired of solo sessions.

This technology is not likely to have an influence on a person’s real life performance with a partner; it is similar to jerking off while looking at a naughty magazine when it comes to morals only a tad bit better. Moral issues could become a problem if the user becomes dependent on the technology although the likelihood is very slight. Virtual reality has so much potential and has not come anywhere near reaching its peak.

Augmented Reality
apple augmented realityIs AR porn better or worse? Augmented reality is very different from virtual reality. You can project the hologram of a hot person whether it be someone made up, you know, a porn star, or celebrity into the room with you to interact with. Unfortunately, the technology is still really new so it has limitations but it has an insane amount of potential when looking at future capabilities. This technology will be able to provide users with the most realistic experience yet.

Augmented reality cannot recreate the environment around the user like virtual reality which can make it seem a lot less exciting however you get to enjoy your sexual fantasies from the comfort of your own home or wherever else you would like so it should be seen as a plus. You will also get less motion sickness because your brain can understand the enviroment easily.

When it comes to environment and surroundings, with augmented reality you do not have to worry about being confined to one area or tripping over furniture like you would with virtual reality. Most of the applications and videos associated with augmented reality technology are rather basic and boring at the moment because everything is still so new and in the works still which is kind of disappointing however it probably will not be long before AR is more exciting than VR with how fast technology makes advances in today’s times.