The Ongoing Evolution & Quest for Identity of Augmented Reality Porn

It’s still complicated, but the porn industry is setting itself up to capitalize on the augmented reality revolution.

Rewind to CES of 2015, when Naughty America released their debut of VR porn.  It was the beginning of a technology shift for the pornography producer and innovator, reminiscent of the days when porn was a major driver for the entertainment/tech industry.  It still is of course, as the numbers tend to back up the importance of porn to the virtual reality industry.  VR porn was an early adopter of virtual reality tech, meaning Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were tied in closely to Naughty America’s plan for pornographic dominance.

At this year’s expo, Naughty America displayed, not only a variety of VR porn (180-degree videos in 3D) on Samsung Gear VR headsets, but also shared a look at their newest innovation.  An AR demo was presented on an iPad, using ARKit from Apple.  The iPad displayed a dancer positioned in the middle of the Naughty America booth.  She’s on display, looking sexy as she poses and twists, but surprisingly she’s also fully clothed.  Also, surprising is that she’s not a video or a scan of a real-life actress, but a 3D render, more like an avatar.

The demo was created using Apple’s ARKit, a tool that can enable realistic and 3D AR on Smart devices.  When asked what the deal was, CIO of Naughty America, Ian Paul said it’s a demo of an app that they will …

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Can a AR App Bring Your Favorite Stars into Your Living Room?

Remember the famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction?  John Travolta and Uma Thurman twisting to “You Never Can Tell” sung by Chuck Berry certainly brings back nostalgic memories for some, myself included.

Well there’s good news, as very soon we’ll be able to take our favorite two-dimensional movies and project images from them into the three-dimensional space around us.  Or Fleisher and Shirin Anlen have developed an augmented reality app called Volume, that’s capable of doing just that.

The example being shown has the app taking John and Uma out of their surroundings and projecting them, dance moves and all, into the space around the viewer.  It’s already pretty neat, but the project is still in it’s infancy, so bear that in mind and don’t judge too harshly.  As you can see the image projections are not amazing just yet.  Overlook the intermittent glitches, and it’s easy to imagine how cool this technology will be once perfected.  Imagine James Bond, Wolverine in action around you, or your favorite musician, performing live and center stage in your living room.

The system being used by Volume is complicated to say the least.  Using a single image to make depth predictions, a convolutional neural network is able to filter images against a corresponding depth value.  This is a great example of how powerful the machine learning capabilities are.

“Our experiment with Pulp Fiction allows users to step inside one the film’s scenes in Augmented Reality, using Apple’s ARKit framework on

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Could we have Snapchat filters in the Bedroom?

If you have used Snapchat before then you know about the many different filters it currently offers that lets users have fun with their images. Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go both use the technological interface of augmented reality (AR).  It’s only a matter of time before this technology lends a hand in the bedroom for the sex lives of many and becomes a normal part of daily life for others.

AR allows us to create images we want, regardless of the real world image we start with. What if you could alter your appearance with a filter? Imagine creating yourself to look like that of a fictional character or a particular person…this could easily happen in the future of AR.

VR Sex and AR Sex

Virtual reality sex consists of having an experience with a virtual individual. AR sex would allow a person to enhance their individual features, simply enriching the experience rather than completely replacing a person altogether.

Consider that right now, you have the ability to use anyone’s photo to create a 3D model of their face. If this technology were to combine with facial tracking, the possibilities of AR in the bedroom really are unlimited. You could make your partner to appear like anyone you wish…

AR and Online Dating

If augmented reality and online dating were to mingle finding someone to hook up with would become very easy. In the real world we look for people with our preferred traits and features. AR could make it …

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Augmented Reality Gathering Steam: Good News for AR Porn

Apple pushes manufacturer to produce lenses for augmented reality smart glasses, giving real credence to the AR expansion.

According to a report from Bloomberg News, Apple owned manufacturer Quanta has secured a contract to begin production of it’s highly sought-after lens technology for AR smart glasses. This is exciting news for AR and technology buffs alike, because it could be a signal that Apple may be paving the way for new wearable augmented reality tech to hit the market next year.

At the tail end of 2016, Quanta had invested $45 million USD into Lumus, an Israel based maker of AR lenses, and now the companies have agreed a licensing deal that could drastically reduce component pricing and push wearable AR technology to the market sooner than expected.

Ari Grobman, CEO at Lumus knows this could be a big step for the future technology stating, “Quanta has suggested that full AR headsets would be priced for less than the cost of a high-end cell phone. That’s a big deal.”

With technology prices of AR technology still a hurdle to jump before products truly hit the mainstream markets, this is a big step. Augmented reality is going to be the next big thing after virtual reality and the two technologies will coincide with each other to round out the wearables market. AR will offer industry a lot of creative options, especially from design and manufacturing angles. It is also going to cause another revolution in the gaming and pornography industries. Like …

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How is AR Porn Different from Regular Porn?

What is AR Pornography?


There are a lot of people that believe AR porn is the porn industry’s future. Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is the next biggest thing when it comes to adult entertainment. Right now it is being marketed small scale through mobile phone applications and it is likely that augmented reality pornography will soon expand its horizons. AR pornography is different from VR, or virtual reality, pornography. Virtual reality porn takes you to a new world of fantasy whenever you use a virtual reality headset such as the HTC Vive. Augmented reality brings the fantasy to your world. An AR pornography video has the capability of bringing a hot porn star right through your headset and into your bed. The augmented reality sex app projects a hologram of whatever you so desire when wearing an AR headset. Due to the fact that this technology is still new, there are only a few things that it can do in relation to interacting with the environment. Augmented reality technology has already made quite the leap, when it comes to progression, by Samsung and Microsoft (Hololens). There is more expected from it in the future where the adult entertainment industry is involved. These headsets and holograms may just be the breadwinner of the pornography industry if things keep going the way they have been.


How is AR Porn Different from Regular Porn?


Regular old pornography on a portable device such as a mobile phone or even a …

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Apple Releases ARKit for Augmented Reality Apps

When it comes to augmented reality Apple has plenty of ambition. According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, there are many different potential benefits that augmented reality can offer the community. Apple just recently introduced an IOS 11 utility which is an ARKit. The ARKit allows people to create augmented reality applications.

This tool allows the user to use an IOS device and superimpose digital objects in reality by making animations that are interactive. It is seeming that their augmented reality kit is going to be able to find potential in the virtual reality industry.

Nexus Studios, the media division has done some experiments with the augmented reality kit on an IPhone 7 and they were very successful. They are now going to introduce Inside-Out position tracking for Google’s Cardboard virtual reality headset.

It is claimed that this feature has been developed to operate at around 60 frames per second which is great compared to all of the other virtual reality headsets that have been released so far. The IPhone 7 has a monoscopic camera on the back of the phone and because of that, a stereoscopic view cannot be achieved so anything done with the kit is on a pretty basic level.

According to Apple, they believe that doing pass-through augmented reality as well as the inside out position tracking for use with virtual reality at 60 frames a second for IPhone 7’s. Pass through augmented reality is when a single camera viewpoint is shown to both eyes. The augmented …

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AR Porn Games – What You Can Expect

Many people are excited about the future of augmented reality the more they learn about the Google HoloLens headset. People are especially excited about the future when it comes to the adult entertainment aspect. The future of augmented reality pornography games as well as pornography videos is looking to be bright.

When virtual reality pornography games were first released, many people were skeptical as to how things would go but now they are rising in popularity fast which proves that new technology can survive in the tech industry these days, if it is good that is. Augmented reality games have all of the potential that they could possibly need to become the next new tech but the question that still stands, is how are they going to beat the currently released pornography games on the market?

One of the goals with augmented reality pornography games is to be able to have a hologram of your favorite porn star that can be interacted with, in your room with you where you can carry out any naughty fantasies you may have up your sleeve. How are games like this going to change the adult entertainment industry and what exactly are they is what people are wondering at this point in time.

What Are Augmented Reality Porn Games?

The way augmented reality porn games work is by using augmented reality to make your life into a real porno video. With this technology, the user will be able to change the way people see …

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Which One is Better – AR or VR Games?

Technology is ever changing and always upgrading. The newest hits on the scene are virtual and augmented reality with augmented being the newest. Virtual reality is fantastic and is still showing signs that there will continue to be improvements made. Augmented reality is the newest technology released and it goes by many names. Some of these names include blended reality, combined reality, or holographic registering.

microsoft hololens pornAugmented reality technology is not ready for consumers yet but it is steadily getting there. The most up and coming AR headset being released is the Microsoft HoloLens. This headset has some of the best pornographic game developers excited as it is by far the best AR headset on the market. IPhone AR is going to be coming soon so that IOS users can enjoy augmented reality too. This industry is expected to have tremendous growth.

Both augmented and virtual reality have the ability to change the way people see reality and the physical world. When it comes to gaming, virtual reality has augmented reality beat hands down even though augmented reality has proven to be a quite a bit more fruitful than virtual reality in the porn industry. Augmented reality, if successful, will be able to provide a more immersive and realistic looking/feeling experience than anything in the adult entertainment ever has before.

AR, or augmented reality, can change how the environment around the headset wearer looks. The technology adds the characters and realness to the fantasy by layering images on top of reality. …

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Apple Taking a Dip in AR

Apple is planning on getting in on the new and exciting augmented reality technology and who can blame them. Everyone in the technology industry is excited to see what is going to come about and speculation has been happening wildly at the thought of it. A device that is made by Apple and that can use augmented reality technology could absolutely change the playing field for consumers and developers both. New opportunities will arise upon the release of this new technology.

Reality Based Technology
Reality based refers to augmented and virtual reality. They are sometimes referred to as reality altering also. They are grouped together in this way because they both use virtual and digital elements to change the way that the user sees the world around them which means throwing them into a totally different reality. With virtual reality there are no similar elements between the alternate reality and real life.

Augmented reality improves the physical world by layering and creating holographic images. This technology is not very exciting yet and is still very new to the world which means it has quite a few limitations. Microsoft, Apple’s arch nemesis and biggest competition, has finished developing and will soon be releasing a device made for augmented reality called the HoloLens.

woman with hololensThis device, the HoloLens, has been referred to as mixed reality since it is believed to be step up from the already existing augmented reality technology. The HoloLens is a device meant to be mounted on the user’s head …

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AR Porn In 2017

With the rise of consumer VR headsets over the past few years we’ve also seen the adoption of VR technology hit the market of porn online. Now more than ever the immersive emulation of real physical interaction has caught up to us through the use of technology and it’s only going to get faster as time moves on. In regards to the sense of vision; augmented reality will soon surpass virtual reality in many ways. We may even end up using AR as much as the now common smartphone in our day to day activities.

The advantage of AR technology is simple. Instead of having your vision completely encompassed by a virtual screen your vision of natural reality is partially altered. This allows you to stay grounded in reality and experience an additional source of information that isn’t there. Quite like how you’re experience this through your computer screen right now except your screen could be digitally projected onto your retina and not physically exist at all.

How does this translate to porn? It’s just a more immersive experience. You’re comfortable with the surroundings of reality and then mix into it a stunning actress of your choosing. Instead of being transported to the VR scenes decor you can bring the actress right into your living room.

So far development for porn in the AR space is far and few between but behind the scenes of certain VR studios a new wave of content is rising to the surface. Companies are …

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More About AR Porn

woman with microsoft hololens

The day of being able to have sex with a hologram of your favorite porn star is fast approaching with how quickly technology is advancing. The benefits of augmented reality porn, if successful, can by far outweigh the benefits of virtual reality porn.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Porn

woman with google glassAugmented reality porn is going to be more versatile than regular virtual reality porn. With virtual reality headsets you are grounded to a single place and must keep up with where the model in the video goes whereas with augmented reality you have more freedom and do not have to stay in one place. With augmented reality pornography, it isn’t like watching a video that is happening right in front you but rather it is really happening in your world. You are able to be completely aware of what is going on around you and the only difference is that you can place a smoking hot porn star in the room with you and only you see her. This technology will open endless possibilities for the adult entertainment industry. Augmented reality technology will be able to fully make use of the user’s environment and satisfy them in unimaginable ways.

No Hands
This headset allows for hands free action so that you can get the most out of your interactive experience. Although you do not have to use your hands to interact with the hologram or enjoy the augmented reality porn alone it does make the experience all the much better.

Brings the Fantasy to Your World
augmented reality maleAugmented reality is different from virtual reality because instead of transporting you to a whole new virtual world to experience and play out your fantasies, it brings the fantasy directly to your world by layering images so that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own house. Your surroundings stay the same meaning there are less hazards such as that of tripping on furniture and other risks like those that come with using virtual reality instead. With virtual reality you move around not knowing what is happening all around you. You can still interact with the world when using an augmented reality headset while also watching all of your fantasies play out and unfold right before you. This will also reduce some of the negative side effects of VR like motion sickness.

Watching is Easier
Watching augmented reality pornography is easier because, as said above, your surroundings do not change. You can appreciate your favorite porn star from your very own bed. With augmented reality your favorite porn star can appear right on your own bed just waiting to fulfill your desires which cannot be done with virtual reality. The best thing about augmented reality is that you are not confined to one area like with virtual reality. You can leave your home and fill the world around you with sexually charged holographs and pictures that only you can see. A business known as Pink Visual has even played with this idea quite a bit although it was with smartphone technology.

Differences Between VR and AR Porn

Augmented and virtual reality are the newest things to hit the technology scene and they seem to be quickly pairing up with the adult entertainment industry. These technologies are state of the art and are both also completely different from one another. It is possible that this will cause a divide between the two. The purpose of this article is to distinguish the differences between the two to allow people to decide on which one is better than the other, augmented reality or virtual reality.

Virtual Reality
girl masturbates to vr pornThe first question is what exactly is virtual reality pornography? The biggest thing about this type of adult entertainment is that everything happens right in front of the user and instead of just observing, the user gets to actively participate in what they are seeing.

All the person has to do is put a virtual reality headset on and they are transported to a whole new world where all of their wildest dreams about sexual encounters can come alive before them. This technology brings fantasy to life and shows the user exactly what they are wanting to see.

While virtual reality sex does not beat the real life thing, there are some people that will likely say it comes close. Virtual reality is not meant to replace reality but simply supplement a person’s sex life and allow for them to fulfill their sexual needs and desires. This gadget is very high end and perfect for those without a significant other to spend time with and who are tired of solo sessions.

This technology is not likely to have an influence on a person’s real life performance with a partner; it is similar to jerking off while looking at a naughty magazine when it comes to morals only a tad bit better. Moral issues could become a problem if the user becomes dependent on the technology although the likelihood is very slight. Virtual reality has so much potential and has not come anywhere near reaching its peak.

Augmented Reality
apple augmented realityIs AR porn better or worse? Augmented reality is very different from virtual reality. You can project the hologram of a hot person whether it be someone made up, you know, a porn star, or celebrity into the room with you to interact with. Unfortunately, the technology is still really new so it has limitations but it has an insane amount of potential when looking at future capabilities. This technology will be able to provide users with the most realistic experience yet.

Augmented reality cannot recreate the environment around the user like virtual reality which can make it seem a lot less exciting however you get to enjoy your sexual fantasies from the comfort of your own home or wherever else you would like so it should be seen as a plus. You will also get less motion sickness because your brain can understand the enviroment easily.

When it comes to environment and surroundings, with augmented reality you do not have to worry about being confined to one area or tripping over furniture like you would with virtual reality. Most of the applications and videos associated with augmented reality technology are rather basic and boring at the moment because everything is still so new and in the works still which is kind of disappointing however it probably will not be long before AR is more exciting than VR with how fast technology makes advances in today’s times.