Holodexxx releases their Holograms in Augmented Reality

Porn is domaining the virtual reality industry, and no one can deny it. There are hundreds of VR Porn sites now, and that wouldn’t be the case if people were not into this niche. Holodexx is one of most immersive, and they made big news for when their VR Porn app was banned from Steam. Since then, they have diversified, and made a shift into AR as well. Holodexxx AR is dedicated to porno holograms with realistic body tracking animations, and the users of this site can interact with the virtual stunners and customize them.

What’s impressive and wonderful about Holodexxx AR is that these virtual pornstars are actually ladies who do exist in real life. These are starlets like Dani Daniels, Tori Black, one of the pornophiles’ pets Riley Reid, and alluring nymphomaniacs like Lexi Belle and Skin Diamond. Expect these chicks and more of them, that we are in love with. Because the company supports diversity, you have all genders here, so female, male and trans models.

When you start using Holodexxx, you will feel like these big stars are with you wherever you go! You can scan your surroundings to put the models where you are, and you can find any angle you like. Once you are done with these activities, you will finally do what you really want – have sex with your favorite pornstars! You can unbuckle your belt, and let these virtual babes ride you all night.

You can also take screenshots, you …

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My AR Girls launches AR Porn Videos compatible with iPhone App

By Lexi Thorp

When getting into augmented/virtual reality, you may have come across a very unique, new company called MyARGirls. Myargirls.com has been in the works for some time now, but due to a few setbacks, and technology changes, it has until now not become available to the public. When checking out the webpage, I got to preview some of the actresses involved in ARGirls, and boy were they hot! Ladies including: Cristi Ann, Kelsi Monroe, Jessica Rayne, Emily Mena, Sara Jay, Parker Swayze, Jeni Juice, and Freya Von Doom definitely caught my eye while browsing. These girls are here to make your mouth water, and your toes curl, and once the site is released to the public, I’m certain you will find just what you are looking for. 123Merge and Myargirls.com are both smartphone and augmented reality technology improvements highlighting young ladies in video shown on a wireless screen, or on your VR Headset! This site is sure to turn heads when it launches with demos.

While waiting for the myargirls.com augmented reality website to come on board, I had a chance to preview the newly released AR player App, 123Merge, the first ever app available to let more than one video be played at once. This app is currently available on the Apple store, and can be used on Google cardboard passthrough.

The app requires iOS 11.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 123Merge and Myargirls.com are both cellphone and augmented …

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Innovative New App Hybri is Making Digital Partners Accessible

If you have been a fan or follower of VR/AR for any length of time then you have likely already envisioned creating a virtual companion that looked exactly the way you wanted. Not just choosing from the available pre-modeled companions. So, envision that this character you have personally created also has artificial intelligence. All you have to do to initiate interaction with your character is use your tablet or smartphone.


Hybri is a brand new mixed reality experience that every VR enthusiast is going to enjoy. From a mobile device, a user can finally create and design the world they have always imagined. Richard Donczi, the president of Hybri said that the top priority when making the Hybri was to make it able to run on smartphones. This way it’s available to everyone and not just users who own AR hardware. This is because AR glasses are still pricey, so not everyone has access to them. They have made this possible using the MagiMask with the forward-facing camera on apple and android devices.

Therefore, the target audience for Hybri, according to the company, is any person that has a smartphone. The slogan for Hybri is “The world is yours” and that’s because the app can be used however the user wants.

Who Is This App For?

“If you are over 18, adult content will be available in Hybri. Choose from 52 sexual poses and animations to please yourself and your model. Models think and have emotions, so think about what …

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VR Bangers and AR Conk Release Android AR XXX App

The adult entertainment industry and virtual reality are no strangers to fans but augmented reality has been gradually making an entrance into the industry as well. Just a year ago it was announced that ARConk was developing an AR porn app. Now, they collaborated with VRBangers, a top virtual reality porn site to deliver a XXX app users have long-been a-waiting. Many have been watching the industry closely but I don’t think anyone could have guessed that it would have happened this soon.

VRBangers is the first 6K porn site offering virtual reality porn. Now they have partnered up with ARConk, the first porn site offering augmented reality porn. Their collaboration has resulted in a $4.95 app that lets you enjoy adult entertainment right from your phone, tablet or headset.

With the app is in its early release stages, you can’t expect top-notch stuff here, but you can definitely get an idea of where it is headed! The ARConk app is powered by body-scanning technology and displays a CGI-rendered model, right on your screen, whom was previously scanned.

ar conk body scan

Since the first mention of the ARConk app developments for improvements and new moves and positions has been in the works. In addition, the app already includes some new features like many erotic poses and missionary sex.

Right now there are more than 5 sexual positions that were created with 4D volumetric technology. This is how the viewer is able to enjoy a very realistic and life-like model on their screen.…

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Try Naughty America’s New iPhone and Android AR Demo for Free

ar model

Naughty America, a leading Los Angles-based porn studio, has released a new animated adult AR demo that is compatible with iPhone and Android. There is no app required and, with iPadOS, iOS 13, ARKit 3 and
Android, you can take advantage of the devices hardware, to bring a virtual, big booty babe into your world.  You can change her size, get close, or rotate her body to whatever angle you prefer. The demo is only 15 seconds long but has some impressive replayability to it.

Try the demo in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit this page on your mobile device (Use Safari browser with Apple)
  2. Click on the AR Icon in the corner of the animation
  3. Move your device around to detect the floor and surrounding objects
  4. Sit back and enjoy the entertainment!

Apple and Google has policies in place that prohibits the distribution of adult content in their app stores, so it is a huge win for the mass adoption of AR Porn to have this demo work natively running an animated USDZ file. Naughty America says they may eventually also produce content for AR headsets, like Apple’s Rumored AR Glasses. For now, we can at least get a small taste of what the future holds. …

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