Naughty America releases new version of their AR/VR Hologram App

Naughty America has released new consumer ready versions of their proprietary hologram software compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Andriod Devices. The company says they will work on an iOS version later.

ar struooers from naughty ameica

Paid members of their site now have access to over 50 animations of strippers, including some a with a pole, to bring a virtual strip club to wherever you are. There are lots of different models and positions you can download depending on your taste.

hologram stripper in living room

The app uses volumetric video with plane detection and models can be rotated and size adjusted to a your personal preference. You can use a mobile device or tablet similar to the way Pokémon Go works. With a VR Headset you can also take it a step further and bring life sized strippers to the real world or a black background.

Male hologram stripper dance

In a recent interview on VentureBeat, Andreas Hronopoulos, CEO of Naughty America, said “Until now, we’ve been making 3D videos, now you will see an actual VR product in parallel to our AR products. If you have a VR headset, you will be able to be in VR and watch our content, bringing our strippers into the room with you or watch them in the club. It’s about how you bring Vegas to wherever you are.”

naughty america hologram porn
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The History of AR Porn

By Scott Camball

AR Porn has been in development since 2010, even though most people haven’t realized it yet.  It has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. Long before Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap , there were a few demos out. They were the start of AR porn’s history.

The first PC Webcam AR Porn

The first AR Porn on the scene was Pink Visual with their webcam AR Porn that they debuted at the CES trade show in January 2010. Pink Visual used webcams with Adobe Flash to recognize the marker and display porn around the user when they see themselves in the screen.

“The web camera takes in the room, then puts a porn star or stripper in the scene,” Pink Visual producer Matt Morningwood said while demonstrating the augmented reality for AFP.

It was definitely a novelty, but very exciting at the time when compared to other technology like 3D Television. They had big plans, but sadly, nothing much came of it.

The Beginning of CGI Animation AR Porn

Later in 2010, some people continued to release a couple more demos that resembled what we see today.

A project called XXL Girl was developed by EligoVision for the 13th anniversary issue of a popular Russian men’s magazine at the time, and it was called XXL. The magazine contained a flyer with a marker on one side, and an ad and instructions for readers on the other side. When the users looked at the flyer in a …

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3D Hologroup Offers Personalities Module for Model ‘Amy’

3D Hologroup has announced the Beta release of a “Personalities” module for the Hololens version of “Amy,” one of the company’s models available as a free trial.

According to the company, this module will allow users to choose from many different Personalities, such as “sweet,” “jealous,” “submissive,” and “dominant,” with “sweet” and “jealous” included in the free trial version.

A spokesperson notes that the Personalities module builds upon the AI and voice accent functionality released by the company in October.

“This is true AI in terms of machine learning and, as the AI module is used by the user base, the AI will grow smarter over time because of the feedback loop built in,” the spokesperson explains. “The company is committed to listening to the userbase community and will expand upon the Personalities as user suggestions and feedback are submitted.”

The company is targeting a December release of the remaining Personalities for the full, paid version.

For more information, click here.


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3D Holo Girlfriend Gets More Realistic with AI and Voice Interaction

3D Hologroup, Inc. has released a Beta version of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for it’s industry leading Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality app called 3D Holo Girlfriend.

hologram model

This feature allows the user to interact with any of the sites 16 holographic models via the user’s microphone and speakers. As the user base continues to grow the training data feedback loop will allow the conversations to continue to improve in quality and realness as the AI model grows.

ar model walking

AI and voice interaction is something adult entertainment consumers have been waiting for. 3D Holo Girlfriend is making science fiction a reality with hologram girls you can chat with wherever you want. This could change human and computer relationships forever.

“Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality is the future of entertainment.” says 3D Hologroup, Inc. founder and CEO, Greg Partin. “We are very excited to be leading this technological evolution. We have seen our customer base grow rapidly since announcing our first 3 models in March so the market demand is picking up. With the release of Magic Leap One this fall and Microsoft’s Hololens 3.0 due out next year the AR HMD market is also picking up steam. This will allow us to continue to grow revenue and spend on the R & D needed to continue leading the market.”

holographic girlfriend

You can sign up for a free trial at

Contact investor relations at

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Naughty America Debuts AR Porn App for Android Devices

From the pin-up poster to the magazine centerfold, there has always been a way to have a beautiful model in your bedroom. But now you can take them into your bedroom and appreciate their presence with Naughty America AR.


Naughty America AR (Augmented Reality) gives you the ability to view 3D holograms using Google’s ARCore technology.  Download the AR Android App to explore what it’s like to have beautiful nude icons like Stephanie West, Alexa Grace and Johnny Castle in the same room as you, beckoning you to do naughty things to them.

naughty america ar gif

Naughty America has already given you fantasies through it’s porn movies and immersed you in them with its VR Porn experiences. Now, with Naughty America AR, they are taking the personalization of porn to another level.


1. Download the AR Android App.

2. Open the Naughty America AR APK file on your device and launch it.

3. Make sure to give the app access to your device’s camera.

4. Move your device around until it detects a surface on which to place a model. Once a surface is detected, a white or red grid will appear. *TIP: Flat surfaces such as floors, tables and beds often work best, along with well-lit environments.)

5. Scroll left and right to explore our library of interactive models, then drag the thumbnail of your choice onto the grid.

6. Once your thumbnail of choice is in place, explore your models! Walk up to them, around them, and press …

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Nega Studios Releases Free AR Demo for iOS 12

Nega Studios recently released a demo on reddit using the new USDZ file format. They have created a Augmented Reality model named  “Amelia”.

It works on all iOS 12 devices from late 2015 and newer.

Try putting her on your bed or couch today.

  1. Visit the blog and click the photo link (backup).
  2. A USDZ file download page will appear. Click “open in files”
  3. Go to your recent documents in files and find the model with the AR icon.
  4. Click AR on the top
  5. Find a space to put the model and it’ll fall automatically
  6. Enlarge to 1000%


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ARconk Debuts Unique Augmented Reality App Demo for Android Smartphones

By Lexi Thorp

Recently, I came across a cool new app called ARConk. From the creaters of the VR porn studio, “VRConk”, comes a new and interesting app, designed to house all of your augmented reality fantasies. While VRConk has not made as big of a name for itself as,, or Naughty America VR just yet, it still showcases a small assortment of videos and featuring amateur European babes doing what they do best.

With technology growing everyday, most VR Porn companies have started trying to develop different types of AR porn apps, both to keep up with the times, and to give the viewer what they want: augmented reality!

ARConk allude that their app will combine a 3D video with a 3D porn star, letting you see the girl the same way you do in VR, just making everything appear as though it is right in front of you. The actress seems like she is really right there! In the app, you can move the girl’s head, and move in closer to view whatever sexy part of her you want, and even ask the young lady to be in a certain position, or dance for you!

For those of us who enjoy yoga and fitness, there will also be a segment on the app with yoga/fitness instructors, interactive and gorgeous! This is good news for those of us who would rather work out in the comfort of our own home, with a beautiful girl right at our …

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My AR Girls launches AR Porn Videos compatible with iPhone App

By Lexi Thorp

When getting into augmented/virtual reality, you may have come across a very unique, new company called MyARGirls. has been in the works for some time now, but due to a few setbacks, and technology changes, it has until now not become available to the public. When checking out the webpage, I got to preview some of the actresses involved in ARGirls, and boy were they hot! Ladies including: Cristi Ann, Kelsi Monroe, Jessica Rayne, Emily Mena, Sara Jay, Parker Swayze, Jeni Juice, and Freya Von Doom definitely caught my eye while browsing. These girls are here to make your mouth water, and your toes curl, and once the site is released to the public, I’m certain you will find just what you are looking for. 123Merge and are both smartphone and augmented reality technology improvements highlighting young ladies in video shown on a wireless screen, or on your VR Headset! This site is sure to turn heads when it launches with demos.

While waiting for the augmented reality website to come on board, I had a chance to preview the newly released AR player App, 123Merge, the first ever app available to let more than one video be played at once. This app is currently available on the Apple store, and can be used on Google cardboard passthrough.

The app requires iOS 11.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 123Merge and are both cellphone and augmented …

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