Try Naughty America’s New iPhone and Android AR Demo for Free

Naughty America, a leading Los Angles-based porn studio, has released a new animated adult AR demo that is compatible with iPhone and Android. There is no app required and, with iPadOS, iOS 13, ARKit 3 and
Android, you can take advantage of the devices hardware, to bring a virtual, big booty babe into your world.  You can change her size, get close, or rotate her body to whatever angle you prefer. The demo is only 15 seconds long but has some impressive replayability to it.

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3D Holo Girlfriend releases support for Android for 3DHoloGirlfriend app

3D Holo Girlfriend has released a new version of its Augmented Reality app 3DHoloGirlfriend for Android.  This version of the app allows the user to point their camera at a location in front of them and click a spot where they want their girlfriend to appear.  The girl then appears as a hologram in the user’s environment and the user can interact with their girlfriend using the same patent-pending Artificial Intelligence voice-interaction framework that has been developed for AR headsets such as the Hololens and the Meta2.

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The History of AR Porn

AR Porn has been in development since 2010, even though most people haven’t realized it yet.  It has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. Long before Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap , there were a few demos out. They were the start of AR porn’s history.

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ARconk Debuts Unique Augmented Reality App Demo for Android Smartphones

Recently, I came across a cool new app called ARConk. From the creaters of the VR porn studio, “VRConk”, comes a new and interesting app, designed to house all of your augmented reality fantasies. While VRConk has not made as big of a name for itself as,, or Naughty America VR just yet, it still showcases a small assortment of videos and featuring amateur European babes doing what they do best.

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Augmented Reality Trials Demo by Dragon972 now on Android

Dragon972, an Indie mobile game developer, has released a new video for their new AR porn game with a download link for users. The app is called Augmented Reality Trials and is supported by Android only as of this time. The game allows individuals to experience augmented reality sex with different characters from users’ favorite games. Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 6 and 2B from Nier Automata are two of the available characters.

Read More has released one of the first Augmented Reality Stripteases compatible with most VR devices in collaboration with BaDoinkVR has released an augmented reality demo featuring a real 3D person, not a computer-generated likeness, something that has not been done before.

The continued pursuit of integrating augmented reality into daily life has just taken another large step forward. Augmented reality pioneers, have teamed up with virtual reality porn studio BaDoinkVR to create an AR demo clip featuring porn star Susy Gala that showcases some of the capabilities of the technology to date.

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