AR3X Launches Adult Augmented Reality Web-based App

Today you will learn something about an AR porn site, or in other words, you will read about the very first augmented reality adult web-based application. It is called AR3X, and it’s a site you could fall in love with! 3D girls on AR3X are almost perfect, and this is due to the fact that the artists who create these characters are not limited by the nature, reality or any other force or phenomena. They can create whatever they like, and if they like giant tits, enormous bubble booty cheeks and assets like insanely tiny waists, they can simply just create a girl like this, with any hair and eye color, even something it doesn’t exist in the real world.

On AR3X, you can watch semi-nude and completely naked girls right in your room. The app doesn’t have to be downloaded, and you can use any device you have, no matter how big or small it is. Androids are fine, but so are IOS smartphones. Everything can be enjoyed on your browser, and the scenes start very fast from the moment you land on the site’s main page.

You will choose a location, and your 3D lady will join you in your world. This can be changed whenever you want it. But here’s what you should know – they used CGI to create the girls, which means they won’t look 100% realistic. You will have any position and act you need, though. When you choose one free digital nymphet, she comes with 4 AR experiences, but this is for the non-paying users. Paying ones will have over 100 experiences, and more than 15 stunners. The collection is growing every week. Visit today and try the demo.