Holodexxx releases their Holograms in Augmented Reality

Porn is domaining the virtual reality industry, and no one can deny it. There are hundreds of VR Porn sites now, and that wouldn’t be the case if people were not into this niche. Holodexx is one of most immersive, and they made big news for when their VR Porn app was banned from Steam. Since then, they have diversified, and made a shift into AR as well. Holodexxx AR is dedicated to porno holograms with realistic body tracking animations, and the users of this site can interact with the virtual stunners and customize them.

What’s impressive and wonderful about Holodexxx AR is that these virtual pornstars are actually ladies who do exist in real life. These are starlets like Dani Daniels, Tori Black, one of the pornophiles’ pets Riley Reid, and alluring nymphomaniacs like Lexi Belle and Skin Diamond. Expect these chicks and more of them, that we are in love with. Previously, we were faithfully searching for VR porn kissing scenes. Now, we want more. And, you get more: because the company supports diversity, you have all genders here, so female, male and trans models.

When you start using Holodexxx, you will feel like these big stars are with you wherever you go! You can scan your surroundings to put the models where you are, and you can find any angle you like. Once you are done with these activities, you will finally do what you really want – have sex with your favorite pornstars! You can unbuckle your belt, and let these virtual babes ride you all night.

You can also take screenshots, you just press your power button together with that volume down detail on your phone. And the features are magnificent – 9 full body scans, all high-resolution ones, and you can move your models, rotate and scale them. There is music and you have ARCore AR capacities. However, you need an Android 7 or something more recent. You won’t be able to use the app on your tablet because the resolution is 720×1280 pixels. You also need at least 1.5 Gb of storage, so if you have to delete something for it, it’s worth it!

If you want to support this Patreon page, feel free to donate a few bucks and show the artists and the app creators how much you appreciate their work! Every penny is for the project, to make it even better and more thrilling for the users.  The goal of the creators is to create something perfect, the most realistic and breathtaking. With so many tools we have in 2021, we have never been closer to achieving it!