Innovative New App Hybri is Making Digital Partners Accessible

If you have been a fan or follower of VR/AR for any length of time then you have likely already envisioned creating a virtual companion that looked exactly the way you wanted. Not just choosing from the available pre-modeled companions. So, envision that this character you have personally created also has artificial intelligence. All you have to do to initiate interaction with your character is use your tablet or smartphone.


Hybri is a brand new mixed reality experience that every VR enthusiast is going to enjoy. From a mobile device, a user can finally create and design the world they have always imagined. Richard Donczi, the president of Hybri said that the top priority when making the Hybri was to make it able to run on smartphones. This way it’s available to everyone and not just users who own AR hardware. This is because AR glasses are still pricey, so not everyone has access to them. They have made this possible using the MagiMask with the forward-facing camera on apple and android devices.

Therefore, the target audience for Hybri, according to the company, is any person that has a smartphone. The slogan for Hybri is “The world is yours” and that’s because the app can be used however the user wants.

Who Is This App For?

“If you are over 18, adult content will be available in Hybri. Choose from 52 sexual poses and animations to please yourself and your model. Models think and have emotions, so think about what attitude you choose for her. In some cases, it will be difficult to build an emotional relationship connection with the Hybri model.” said Richard Donczi.

However, Hybri can be used for much more than just sexual fantasies. Users can create their desired friends, family members, partners and even deceased people with the photoscan function.

“Just upload a photo from your media library and choose a similar 3D hairstyle. A front view portrait is sufficient for this feature. The application automatically selects the required part. You can create any real person with this feature.”

Hybri Is Similar to Joi in Blade Runner 2049

For anyone that has seen Blade Runner 2049 you likely have no problem noticing the similarities of Hybri and Joi; the mixed reality character that was a companion for the main character in the movie.

This innovative new app makes all of these things possible, which is very exciting. Choose between AR and VR environments designed with cyberpunk style; the style the entire app is built on. Cyberpunk style has been making a comeback and so far the majority of 20,000+ Hybri subscribers are young to middle aged men.

The Hybri app got its name based on the factors that the company uses human-AI hybrid models with technical solutions of a Virtual and Augmented reality hybrid.

AI Technology

The Hybri models were designed with superior articulateness, meaning they are meant to resemble the behavior of that of real humans; as close as possible. Users can choose their Hybri to be empathetic, charismatic, self-confident, hot-tempered and more! The user has control over the settings for the behavior of their Hybri.

The future for Hybri is looking bright, even with the app still being in the earlier phases of development. Soon, there will be prototypes of Hybri available for beta testing and there is also a Kickstarter campaign that is live. Visit to learn more.