Try Naughty America’s New iPhone and Android AR Demo for Free

Naughty America, a leading Los Angles-based porn studio, has released a new animated adult AR demo that is compatible with iPhone and Android. There is no app required and, with iPadOS, iOS 13, ARKit 3 and
Android, you can take advantage of the devices hardware, to bring a virtual, big booty babe into your world.  You can change her size, get close, or rotate her body to whatever angle you prefer. The demo is only 15 seconds long but has some impressive replayability to it.

ar model

Try the demo in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit this page on your mobile device (Use Safari browser with Apple)
  2. Click on the AR Icon in the corner of the animation
  3. Move your device around to detect the floor and surrounding objects
  4. Sit back and enjoy the entertainment!

Apple and Google has policies in place that prohibits the distribution of adult content in their app stores, so it is a huge win for the mass adoption of AR Porn to have this demo work natively running an animated USDZ file. Naughty America says they may eventually also produce content for AR headsets, like Apple’s Rumored AR Glasses. For now, we can at least get a small taste of what the future holds.


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    I like it

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    Sexy girls

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