3D Holo Girlfriend releases support for Android for 3DHoloGirlfriend app

3D Holo Girlfriend has released a new version of its Augmented Reality app 3DHoloGirlfriend for Android.  This version of the app allows the user to point their camera at a location in front of them and click a spot where they want their girlfriend to appear.  The girl then appears as a hologram in the user’s environment and the user can interact with their girlfriend using the same patent-pending Artificial Intelligence voice-interaction framework that has been developed for AR headsets such as the Hololens and the Meta2.

There is a PG-rated version of the Android app available on the Google Play store and a more adult-oriented version of the Android app is available on the company’s website.  “As we continue to monitor the AR landscape, we have realized not a lot of people have purchased an AR headset yet in the consumer space.  So, let’s bring our app to the device the users do have, their smartphone, while we wait for the consumer AR headset to take shape.  This will allow us to capture a wider userbase, garner valuable user insight and feedback and allow us to push forward with cool new features as well as continue to build out the Artificial Intelligence model.  Our AI model continues to grow with every conversation.”  says Greg Partin, CEO of 3D Holo Girlfriend  “We have also always intended to reach a broader audience with a more PG-rated version of our 3DHologirlfriend app and so all of these combinations allow us to host in Google Play store to reach a very large market base.”

Click here to download the app on the Google Play App Store.