Naughty America releases new version of their AR/VR Hologram App

Naughty America has released new consumer ready versions of their proprietary hologram software compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Andriod Devices. The company says they will work on an iOS version later.

ar struooers from naughty ameica

Paid members of their site now have access to over 50 animations of strippers, including some a with a pole, to bring a virtual strip club to wherever you are. There are lots of different models and positions you can download depending on your taste.

hologram stripper in living room

The app uses volumetric video with plane detection and models can be rotated and size adjusted to a your personal preference. You can use a mobile device or tablet similar to the way Pokémon Go works. With a VR Headset you can also take it a step further and bring life sized strippers to the real world or a black background.

Male hologram stripper dance

In a recent interview on VentureBeat, Andreas Hronopoulos, CEO of Naughty America, said “Until now, we’ve been making 3D videos, now you will see an actual VR product in parallel to our AR products. If you have a VR headset, you will be able to be in VR and watch our content, bringing our strippers into the room with you or watch them in the club. It’s about how you bring Vegas to wherever you are.”

naughty america hologram porn