3D Holo Girlfriend Offers Personalities Module for Model ‘Amy’

3D Holo Girlfriend has announced the Beta release of a “Personalities” module for the Hololens version of “Amy,” one of the company’s models available as a free trial.

According to the company, this module will allow users to choose from many different Personalities, such as “sweet,” “jealous,” “submissive,” and “dominant,” with “sweet” and “jealous” included in the free trial version.

A spokesperson notes that the Personalities module builds upon the AI and voice accent functionality released by the company in October.

“This is true AI in terms of machine learning and, as the AI module is used by the user base, the AI will grow smarter over time because of the feedback loop built in,” the spokesperson explains. “The company is committed to listening to the userbase community and will expand upon the Personalities as user suggestions and feedback are submitted.”

The company is targeting a December release of the remaining Personalities for the full, paid version.

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Source: xbiz.com