3D Holo Girlfriend Gets More Realistic with AI and Voice Interaction

3D Holo Girlfriend has released a Beta version of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for it’s industry leading Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality app.

hologram model

This feature allows the user to interact with any of the sites 16 holographic models via the user’s microphone and speakers. As the user base continues to grow the training data feedback loop will allow the conversations to continue to improve in quality and realness as the AI model grows.

ar model walking

AI and voice interaction is something adult entertainment consumers have been waiting for. 3D Holo Girlfriend is making science fiction a reality with hologram girls you can chat with wherever you want. This could change human and computer relationships forever.

“Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality is the future of entertainment.” says 3D Holo Girlfriend founder and CEO, Greg Partin. “We are very excited to be leading this technological evolution. We have seen our customer base grow rapidly since announcing our first 3 models in March so the market demand is picking up. With the release of Magic Leap One this fall and Microsoft’s Hololens 3.0 due out next year the AR HMD market is also picking up steam. This will allow us to continue to grow revenue and spend on the R & D needed to continue leading the market.”

holographic girlfriend

You can sign up for a free trial at https://www.3dhologirlfriend.com