ARconk Debuts Unique Augmented Reality App Demo for Android Smartphones

By Lexi Thorp

Recently, I came across a cool new app called ARConk. From the creaters of the VR porn studio, “VRConk”, comes a new and interesting app, designed to house all of your augmented reality fantasies. While VRConk has not made as big of a name for itself as,, or Naughty America VR just yet, it still showcases a small assortment of videos and featuring amateur European babes doing what they do best.

With technology growing everyday, most VR Porn companies have started trying to develop different types of AR porn apps, both to keep up with the times, and to give the viewer what they want: augmented reality!

ARConk allude that their app will combine a 3D video with a 3D porn star, letting you see the girl the same way you do in VR, just making everything appear as though it is right in front of you. The actress seems like she is really right there! In the app, you can move the girl’s head, and move in closer to view whatever sexy part of her you want, and even ask the young lady to be in a certain position, or dance for you!

For those of us who enjoy yoga and fitness, there will also be a segment on the app with yoga/fitness instructors, interactive and gorgeous! This is good news for those of us who would rather work out in the comfort of our own home, with a beautiful girl right at our fingertips, cheering us on to fitness! And with bluetooth remote control, you can choose where your gorgeous AR girl goes, without having to take the phone out of the AR headset!

The app can be watched on a smartphone or a tablet, or on an AR headset. One of the most popular and low cost headsets out there is called Holokit, and they are based on the cardboard headsets that are slowly being upgraded to the more popular hands free ones! ARConk are in the process of making their own AR headphones and smartphones, but for now, Holokit seems to be the most

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