Augmented Reality Trials Demo by Dragon972 now on Android

Dragon972, an Indie mobile game developer, has released a new video for their new AR porn game with a download link for users. The app is called Augmented Reality Trials and is supported by Android only as of this time. The game allows individuals to experience augmented reality sex with different characters from users’ favorite games. Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 6 and 2B from Nier Automata are two of the available characters.

augmented reality trials

More About Dragon972

You might better know Dragon972 as the creator of the very popular XXX Simulator VR title. He was creating and sharing Hentai porn videos on VR porn sites back in 2017 under the name of Spacebear7778. Not long after he began sharing his videos he released his first VR porn game, the forementioned XXX Simulator VR Beta 1.0.

The virtual reality community was very welcoming and accepting of his VR porn game. Because of the positive feedback, he continued to improve the game, releasing new characters and scenes and keeping fans aware of the updates in development. Now that he was a success in the VR community, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for him and the AR community.

Where to Download the AR Porn Game

You find the demo link here but you won’t be able to select 2B in the demo. You will need to download the full game to access her character in gameplay. You can find the full game here and by supporting the work of Dragon972 you can unlock the full features of the game. While the app is supported by Android it may not work with all mobile phones because it was made with the vuforia unity plugin.

How to Play

1. Load the app and aim the white empty square in the middle of your phone onto the floor.

2. You can then touch the area on the screen where you want your selected character to appear.

3. You can then reposition her using the on-screen buttons.

4. The number keys will change her pose.

5. The T key will reset the entire scene/pose.

6. Using the 2 directional z axis buttons on the screen you can scale the model and then touch your screen if you want to retarget her position.

7. Now take a screenshot using the shortcut key.


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    I downloaded it but it doesn’t work correctly. Why? My phone is LG G4 please reply to me

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