Harmony AI in AR and VR

Abyss Creations, the company behind the popular site RealDoll, have launched RealBotix, a robotic sex company. The company has created a new love doll for fans. Users can attach artificial robotic heads (that are also intelligent) to a silicon body of their choosing. A new app from the company also lets you customize different features of your love doll; personality traits, appearance, etc. Now, users can get excited about the AR and VR experiences coming soon in the app that allows users to create and interact with their virtual love doll.

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Harmony AI App

For the past decade the company has constantly been developing the app so they can provide something that is innovative and excites users, delivering a satisfying experience. In other words, they want it to be exactly what they envision and nothing less. The app is powered by AI software and includes many different features. Multiple avatars are available to choose from and can be further customized to your specifications. You can customize the hair, face, and even the body shape. Further selections include the outfit and even different voices/accents for your companion.

10 different personality trait characteristics will be available to choose for your avatar as well. Having the option to choose a different personality will results in different behavior throughout game play making the experience more personal to the user.

The company currently claims to have very customizable software that results in offering thousands of combinations users can choose for clothing, voice, look, and personality. This helps the user create a more ‘perfect’ companion based on their personal interests and preferences. The company has also claimed that the more a user interacts with the love doll the nicer and friendlier she becomes.

The VR and AR version aren’t yet available but you can download the Harmony AI app to give it a try if you haven’t yet done so.