Virtual and Augmented Reality Don’t Always Go Hand in Hand

While the connection between the two realities that are virtual and augmented is no secret or mystery, but there just may be a limitation on this connection. There are many things happening in the world of virtual reality and right now you’ll find some tools available that help you port apps between the two platforms easily. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it should be done…

Let’s take VR Kanojo for example. This VR girlfriend game interacts with users in a variety of ways; many rather creepy or unsettling. IVR, a virtual reality content development company in Japan, recently showcased a take on this same game, but in augmented reality.

In a video preview they posted on YouTube you are in a virtual environment with a Japanese girl. She’s giggling and at various times shows surprise while interacting. They haven’t yet provided detailed information regarding how the app would work. If it’s following the footsteps of the VR game version then AR users may not be too excited for the ‘new’ take on this game.

AR apps that are sexual in nature would obviously come to light, just like the existing VR sex apps. However, it’s the difference in the realities that makes all the difference in the correct platform for this type of game. There are lots of users that enjoy the VR games in their own private quarters, living out their odd fantasies with their virtual girlfriend. Bringing such a real-world like environment to the ‘real’ world lessens the excitability and only enhances the somewhat ‘creepy’ existing nature of this game.

Sure, one day it could happen. One day a person or company may come up with a well-made AR person that could be some type of virtual friend. But that likely won’t happen for quite some time and this definitely isn’t it.

Right now you can play the VR version of Kanojo on PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, if you’re not already a fan of the game. Fans can continue enjoying the VR version of the game for now while they wait for news on the release of the AR virtual girlfriend game. There isn’t currently any word yet regarding the release or what platforms the AR version will be on either.

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