Could we have Snapchat filters in the Bedroom?

If you have used Snapchat before then you know about the many different filters it currently offers that lets users have fun with their images. Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go both use the technological interface of augmented reality (AR).  It’s only a matter of time before this technology lends a hand in the bedroom for the sex lives of many and becomes a normal part of daily life for others.

AR allows us to create images we want, regardless of the real world image we start with. What if you could alter your appearance with a filter? Imagine creating yourself to look like that of a fictional character or a particular person…this could easily happen in the future of AR.

VR Sex and AR Sex

Virtual reality sex consists of having an experience with a virtual individual. AR sex would allow a person to enhance their individual features, simply enriching the experience rather than completely replacing a person altogether.

Consider that right now, you have the ability to use anyone’s photo to create a 3D model of their face. If this technology were to combine with facial tracking, the possibilities of AR in the bedroom really are unlimited. You could make your partner to appear like anyone you wish…

AR and Online Dating

If augmented reality and online dating were to mingle finding someone to hook up with would become very easy. In the real world we look for people with our preferred traits and features. AR could make it possible to apply a facial filter right away on any person’s real face.

Imagine in the future everyone is wearing AR headsets. This would allow everyone to alter the way they look personally. Instead of plastic surgery people will be opting for a more affordable and temporary option to enhance their appearance.

When you consider the quick enhancements in the virtual reality industry consider the robots that are already available in Japan. A person can choose to have a robot for a companion.

The potential outcome as AR technology advances is hard to predict. If everyone has the ability to alter their appearance, even temporarily, the world would be a very different place. Everyone would be displayed the way they view beauty. But what happens when it’s time to take away the temporary improvement or identity? Will we become horrified by our real appearance or faces once we have the ability to look like anyone we want?

That part of AR future is unknown but one thing is for sure; AR is starting to become more mainstream and recognized. What will happen when the citizens of the world no longer share the same reality?