Which One is Better – AR or VR Games?

Technology is ever changing and always upgrading. The newest hits on the scene are virtual and augmented reality with augmented being the newest. Virtual reality is fantastic and is still showing signs that there will continue to be improvements made. Augmented reality is the newest technology released and it goes by many names. Some of these names include blended reality, combined reality, or holographic registering.

microsoft hololens pornAugmented reality technology is not ready for consumers yet but it is steadily getting there. The most up and coming AR headset being released is the Microsoft HoloLens. This headset has some of the best pornographic game developers excited as it is by far the best AR headset on the market. IPhone AR is going to be coming soon so that IOS users can enjoy augmented reality too. This industry is expected to have tremendous growth.

Both augmented and virtual reality have the ability to change the way people see reality and the physical world. When it comes to gaming, virtual reality has augmented reality beat hands down even though augmented reality has proven to be a quite a bit more fruitful than virtual reality in the porn industry. Augmented reality, if successful, will be able to provide a more immersive and realistic looking/feeling experience than anything in the adult entertainment ever has before.

AR, or augmented reality, can change how the environment around the headset wearer looks. The technology adds the characters and realness to the fantasy by layering images on top of reality. Augmented reality can also output the user’s surroundings so that the hologram can interact with the surroundings.

For example, with AR technology, the virtual model can sit on your furniture and it look real. AR technology is significantly more complicated tech-wise than virtual reality is which makes sense when comparing the two. Augmented reality makes the experience more realistic for the user by adding the fantasy to the user’s world rather than transporting the user to a new world.

Many people are wondering whether augmented reality pornography games are going to be better than virtual reality pornography games. Virtual reality porn games have an immediate advantage as they let the user totally customize their fantasy experience right down to the eye color of the model.

3d body scanSince virtual reality has been released for while already there are a lot of people who already own VR headsets which means they would only have to buy the games. Augmented reality, on the other hand, will have the ability to provide an immersive experience unlike any other that is more realistic than ever before which is definitely an advantage.

Augmented reality pornographic games aim to provide their users with an as realistic as possible experience. When compared to virtual reality technology, augmented reality technology is a perfect teammate for the adult entertainment industry.

AR models look real and they can be made to behave like a real porn star which just goes to show the potential for this technology. When paired with the things that the sex toy industry has been cooking up, this technology could be revolutionary for the pornography industry.

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